BBQ Choices

Our meats and tofu are seasoned and smoked daily and then cut down to order. This ensures the best quality bbq- tender, vibrant, and very juicy.



full brisket by the 1/2 pound



shredded pork shoulder by the 1/2 pound



chopped whole chicken by the 1/2 pound

Roast Beef


thin sliced beef tip roast by the 1/2 pound

Marinated Tofu


sliced marinated tofu sold by the 1/2 pound


Sandwiches & Noodles

We take pride in our sandwich-making and only use the freshest ingredients. This means locally sourced bread, day-of prepared veggies, and sandwiches made right in front of you.

Choose your sandwich/noodle meat:
Chicken | Shredded Pork | Brisket +$2 | Roast Beef +$2 | Tofu +$1

Banh Mi


choice of meat / baguette / pickled carrot / cucumber / cilantro / jalapeño

Traditional BBQ


choice of meat / brioche bun / carrot cabbage slaw

Noodle Bowl


choice of meat / excellent flour stick noodles / shredded cabbage / pickled carrot / cilantro / jalapeño

GF Bowl


choice of meat / shredded cabbage / pickled carrot / cilantro / jalapeño



Our sides draw inspiration from various Asian cultures and have been designed to be the perfect match with our smoked meats. Clean, light, and fresh, these are the ultimate compliment to the Q.

Sweet Potato Mash


sweet potato mash | coconut milk | goat cheese


Vegan Sweet Potato Mash


sweet potato mash | coconut milk | crispy shallot


Cucumber Potato Salad


cucumber | potato | red onion | dill | rice vinegar


Steamed Rice


jasmine rice | mint | black mushroom | golden raisin




tumeric poached broccoli | eggplant relish | tomato | crispy shallot | contains fish sauce


The best selections to wash down that delicious food you just ate.

Vietnamese IcedCoffee


cold brew café bustelo | sweetened condensed milk | salted caramel syrup

Birch Beer




coke | sprite

Sweet Tea






These items may be served raw or undercooked, or contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions *VG = VeganV = Vegetarian = Gluten Free