Pre-Order the Best BBQ for Your Events

Please note: In order to ensure the best quality BBQ, we ask that our 24-hour pre-order system is limited to parties of 15 or less. If you plan to order BBQ for more than 15 of your buddies, feel free to give us a call and we can get something set up special for your gathering. In some cases, we may require a minimum of 48 hours to prepare orders of 10+ people.




Whether you are planning to have BBQ for lunch or dinner the next day, or you just want to ensure you get your first pick at what BBQ we have to offer, we have your solution with our online pre-order system. Here’s how it works:

1. You pick what BBQ, sides, or sandwiches you want to enjoy. You can only order the day before you’re planning for Q, so be sure to get orders in by NOON the day before your planned BBQ experience.
2. Confirm on your order what time you would like to get your meal the next day. (Certain areas are eligible for delivery, so check to see if your address qualifies!)
3. You then confirm your order through our website and place the order.
4. Be sure to leave any special notes we may need to make your BBQ experience the best (allergies, additions, extra utensils, so on)
5. We get your order and make sure your meat is put on the smoker for its overnight journey to become a tender, juicy BBQ delight.
6. Your order is gathered the day of, and you can either come pick it up or we can get it delivered* at the time you designated during your pre-order process. (*please see if your address qualifies for delivery)
7. From there, it’s then about just enjoying your Gypsy Q BBQ!