Order the Best BBQ for Your Events

Fill out our contact form or call us (303) 929-6906 directly to secure a date with our catering services and let us take the stress out of providing your guests with the best BBQ eating experience in Denver.

Please note: In some cases, we may require a minimum of 48 hours to prepare orders of 10+ people.




Family reunions, backyard barbecues, and big game tailgating- what do they all have in common? They are times of celebration and happiness, bringing together new friends, old friends, and everyone in between through a shared desire to have a great time. Gypsy Q started off as one guy cooking food up at the grill or smoker for his friends’ parties, and now we seek to provide to you the same happiness through BBQ that we did with our friends when we first got going.

Gypsy Q provides not only some of the best low and slow smoked meat and tofu in Colorado but also an array of unique Asian-inspired sides. Whether it’s our juicy, sliced brisket or touched with smoke tofu, light, and fresh cucumber potato salad or savory, umami-bomb turmeric cauliflower and eggplant relish, we can and will provide to you and your guests the best BBQ experience that will have everyone raving about your party over and over again.

And who’s to say that the BBQ party is only reserved for the hot days of summer? We love BBQ so much that we continue to smoke our meats and prepare our sides throughout all four seasons. That’s right if you’re looking for a unique holiday party experience, Q for that Halloween costume party, interesting foods to pair with that Thanksgiving turkey, or some warm comfort food to take up to the mountains for that ski weekend adventure, Gypsy Q has got you covered.

So, whether you’re looking for great food for that graduation party, family reunion, or gathering, or with friends throwing that awesome party for the big game or simply just because Gypsy Q provides everything your special event needs to have a great BBQing time at an affordable price.