Order the Best BBQ for Your Corporate Event

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The holiday party for your company, a big presentation, or just showing your employees how much you appreciate them. These are just a few reasons you’ll want to have Gypsy Q cater your corporate event. With so much attention to detail put into the execution of our low and slow smoked meats and tofu and thought put into the design of our Asian-inspired sides, you’ll be glad you chose Gypsy Q’s BBQ as the means to feed you, your staff, or your clients.

BBQ isn’t just strictly for that backyard party or big game event- it’s for any event that brings people together, including the big presentation you have, the annual company gets together, or any other gathering of your fellow employees. Gypsy Q believes that BBQ is the vessel by which a community of new friends and old friends come together to share in the common interest of great food. Your company is that community, and our BBQ is the best way to bring your company’s community together for good times and made memories.

When you have us cater your corporate event, you’ll be glad to see that those attending are thoroughly enjoying themselves as they bite into a sweet and tangy pulled pork sandwich, go for a second helping of some savory sweet potato mash, bite into a perfectly cooked slice of shaved roast beef, or snag one (or maybe two or three) of our awesomely unique and sweet treats, the magic cookie bar.

So don’t just settle with the same old boring, soggy cold cuts sandwiches, greasy potato chips, and store-bought cookies from just any old caterer, use Gypsy Q to assist you in making your event the best of the year, and one that everyone will be talking about for years to come.